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About Dana

Dana has always had a passion for working with animals and has trained with a variety of breeds, from 3 lbs Chihuahuas to 110lb Mastiffs and everything in between. With her being a credited Dog Trainer from Animal Behavior College and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor she can handle anything from your high drive breed to your low energy dog.

Dana specializes in trick training and loves to perform with her dogs Ice, a Husky and Labrador mix, and Parks, a Belgian Malinois. She and her dogs perform at nursing homes and in front of crowds as large as 100+ people. Her dogs have learned various tricks including skateboarding, cleaning up toys and they can even dance!

However, we understand that your training goals may not include getting your dog to jump through a hoop. Dana also has experience in training basic puppy obedience, advanced obedience, frisbee, agility and behavior modification. She has worked with dog aggressive dogs as well as human aggressive dogs with great success.

Dana believes that any dog can benefit from training as it strengthens the bond between the dog and their family, while improving the quality of the dog's and owner's lives.

She strives to help people enjoy their lives with their dogs and she believes that any dog can be trained.

Dana (aka Training by Hart) has been fabulous! Our Golden Retriever had become very defensive and snarly around other dogs. As first-time dog owners we didn’t know what to do to fix this problem.  And we didn’t want to do another class in unfamiliar surroundings and then try to figure out how to apply it to the “real world”. A groomer recommended Dana to us. Dana worked with us at our home and in our neighborhood incorporating regular distractions, like other dogs or people walking by, as teaching moments. Dana is kind, funny, relatable and she really knows her stuff! That’s easy to see when you watch her with her own dogs. I’m happy to say that after four sessions with Dana (and lots work using what we learned) Lola is almost completely back to her playful, social self - and more importantly we feel more confident in our role as dog owners. Thank you Dana! 

- Nicole

Our dog Willow (American Bulldog) was about a year or so when we took her to her first training session with Dana, she had some issues with jumping up on people as well as pulling when we walked her. Immediately after the first session I noticed a huge change in her behaviour especially when it came to her jumping up on people, it was almost like you could see her thinking and ultimately deciding not to do it. Since that one session I may have had to remind her a few times about the jumping but the change was basically immediate. We’ve done a few more sessions where Dana introduced us to mark training which has been the best thing to help Willow with her impulse control, she also showed my oldest daughter a special trick that she could work on one on one with Willow. Being a first time dog owner I had no clue what I was doing Dana made it really easy for me to understand my role in Willows training and behaviour and helped me understand the importance of using the same commands and being very consistent in our training. I definitely intend to get some more sessions in once the weather warms up! She definitely knows her stuff!!!

- Teesha

Dana worked with my dog a couple of times, she was having some issues with distractions and walking her was very challenging with all the distractions around, from traffic, to people, to other dogs. Needless to say getting from point A to point B was a mission. When working with Dana she had her train in the park (full of distractions) at first it was just one on one with her then slowly she would start to introduce different distractions so that I understood what I should be doing as well to help guide her and make sure she stayed to the task at hand (which was getting from point A to B) after a few sessions she brought her dog in and used him as a distraction and my dog had no issue at that point she just walked past him like he wasn’t even there, which in the beginning she would’ve NEVER done! She also told me that being consistent with the side that I walk her on is also very important so that she understands that it’s time to walk and not play around, which I would’ve never thought mattered before but it actually does because she responds much better the more consistent I am. I will most definitely be continuing our lessons throughout the year! I couldn’t be more pleased with her progress!




Private Lessons

These lessons are great at focusing in on your needs and your goals for your dogs. These customized lessons are designed for your individual needs and they are also tailored to how your dog learns. These lessons can be done in your home or any where else that you need help with your dog.

Semi Private Lessons

These lessons give you the chance to train with your friends and family. They are for 2-3 dogs and require 1 person available to handle each dog. These lessons cannot be done if only 1 dog shows up to the lesson.

Invite your neighbor, your friend or a family member that has a dog to join you for some training. The more the merrier!


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6 Semi Private Lessons


10 Semi Private Lessons


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#throwbackthursday to baby Parks!_She's